Time to be serious again! The recordings for several new songs have begun and we will deliver them one by one to you online! Drums and bass guitar are already finished for the first song, the rest will follow in the next couple of days. Stay heavy!

Flyer: Belfry @ Metal For Mercy

The next show is already scheduled, this time in our home town - Route 66 on Bruchstraße, 7:30 pm!  For free! See you there! Here is the official link to the event on Facebook.


Listen to the whole album on the official Finetunes TV channel on Youtube! But he or she who appreciates the sound quality of a real CD: get it here, directly on our website, including a beautifully designed booklet!

The show was awsome, we had a lot of fun that night! Big thanks to the crew for flawless and smooth work behind the scenes and of course to all headbangers rocking with us! See you at the next show!

We're gonna raise some hell in the Ground Zero in Essen on November, 21st! You can order tickets for the show directly from us soon for 5€ and support us directly with every ticket sold through our hands! Details coming soon...